Long Time Missing and Lost, Lost Coast is Back

Sorry that we have been unavailable for over 6 months, the business was put on hold while I started teaching full time, of course had to move, and then pack up the business in a temporary hold pattern.

We are slowly opening stock and getting things back available for all of you costume creators. We have started getting product back on Etsy and eBay has some clearance. The main store will be on hold for a bit longer.

Italian Underpinnings Pattern

Just in from Historic Costume Patterns, the new Italian Renaissance Lady’s Underpinnings pattern. This pattern has all you need to make the support garments for the ladies gowns of the Italian Renaissance. Included is a detailed instructional manual. The support garment can be boned or not. Included is a corded petticoat option. Check out this pattern and the other patterns of the renaissance in our pattern offerings for your complete wardrobe.ital_up_med

What are your end of summer costume plans?

The summer may be ending with it’s long days of either being at faire or being in your costumes for many a picnic, but you are sure to have new costume dreams. Time to plan for some fall and winter sewing and events. Check out some new patterns that have come in stock.

The folks over at Laughing Moon have been very busy revamping and adding new eras to their line. There is a new Regency Ladies’ Round and Trained Gown wit High Stomacher Front, Men’s Narrow Fall Breeches c. 1790-1820, and Men’s Late Georgian Coat and Vests. Just in time for The Poldark series remake coming soon!

Are you a Poldark Fan? Take a look at the Facebook page or at the BBC

New Pattern Arrivals


Men’s Late Georgian Coat 1795-1810. Two full size patterns to recreate the late Georgian and Early Regency Frock Coats. Create in wools or linens for day wear, or be a dandy and make up in the finest striped silks. Sizes 34-56


Men’s Narrow Fall Front Breeches, c. 1790-1820 Also known as Small Falls. Men’s short breeches with a narrow fall front opening, with side frog pockets and watch pocket. These breeches can be cut long, to reach to the calf, or short, ending just under the knee. Men’s 28 to 56 waist.


Ladies’ Round or Trained Gown with a High Stomacher Front c.1800-1810 Also known as a Bib or Apron Front.This gown opens on both sides of the front, with the entire front bodice and part of the front of the skirt falling down and open. The inside of the bodice ties together with strings and the falling bodice is pinned into place at the top of the front bodice on the shoulder straps. Ladies’ Sizes 4 to 34


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Just Can’t Get Enough of the Teens

Foundations were very important during this period. While women had less bulk in their clothing, an frills became small and lingerie like on outerwear, the corset shape went through it’s last big hurray. Indeed when we came to the 1920s, the corset migrated to what were know as girdles and true bras showing up in the 1930s.

To help you celebrate your viewing loss of Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge for another season, you may whip up some costumes and watch the DVD or stream repeats at your leisure with friends.

Check out these patterns we now carry:



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