Back in Stock Fabric and New Patterns

We have the very popular white Brocaded English coutil back in stock. Belle sells quickly so if you were planning on a new, crisp white coutil or a good, stiff lining for another fashion fabric, check it out in our Corset Products section.

New Patterns

th-3Laughing Moon is expanding their stock of men’s tailcoat patterns with Regency period Men’s Empire and Regency Tailcoat. This is a cut-away style with collar notch and lapel options. Check it out.

Have you started planning your new projects for spring? Weddings and renaissance fairs abound. Not sure where to start? Check out our books section to get some ideas.

Bijoux patterns, a division of Laughing Moon, has added the popular Silverado Corset as a single pattern. It is now available in our Corset Products section. Clear and easy to read instructions for this pattern make it a good pattern for those who like the gusset look and fit.


Happy New Year

January has some new seasons of old favorites coming back, Downton Abbey is in the 1920s mode now and very nice gowns for both day wear and evening abound. And some fantastic vintage automobiles. Not to mention the family trials and tribulations that have all of you so hooked on the series. There is even a fabric line for quilters and hobbyists to work with being sold. I just wish they would come out with an official pattern line, wouldn’t that be fun. But never fear, there are patterns out there. Check out our Retro Section. Don’t forget to look at our book selection for inspiration as well. Oh, and a word of advice, don’t mess with Matron!

British TV Series London Hospital (Casualty 1900, 1907, etc in UK) is a series available on Hulu Plus, Amazon, and other download sites in the US. Set at The London Hospital in the East End serving that community for over 100 years. Uses case notes from the time and actual events that happened, shows how emergencies were handled before antibiotics. Warning, can be very graphic. But does show period dress and undress, and the medical instruments are period correct. Great detail and care has been taken in authenticity. Good apparatus for Steam Punk inspirations or those portraying doctors in re-enactment. Oh, and don’t mess with Matron.
Casualty 1909 BBC © 2014
Downton Abbey © Copyright ITV plc 2014
Masterpiece Theater Copyright © 2014 Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

New Pattern Line

We welcome a new line of patterns from the UK, Harlots and Angels. This company has been making corsets and custome clothing in their studios in Britain with 25 years of experience. They have released patterns for some of their products so that you may create great fitting corsets and period or Steam Punk attire.

Keep an eye out while we add more of the patterns to our pages.

Harlots and Angels


New and Return Costumed Shows

And how to re-create those looks

This fall has seen the return of some great action and costumed shows, like Hell on Wheels and fantasy costumes in Once Upon a Time. And then there are some new shows, like The Paradise on PBS. We will take a look at some of these shows and how to get the looks so you can step out in style at the next event or convention you attend.

I really like Hell on Wheels for a gritty western show. Often we see many costumed dramas all about women or women’s subjects. There are a few men spotted here and there as love interests. This show is quite the reverse. It’s mostly men, and the attire is very well done, right down to the fastenings and details. While all of these shows do make us scratch our heads and go, was that really period, I have to say the men’s costumes on this show are fantastic, and they wear fantastic hats as well.  The aging process is used on many of the garments. For a behind the scenes look at the making of the costumes for the series, visit the site.

The Paradise is a frothy look at England and shopping during Victorian times. The early bustle period is evident, and many of the ladies wear some very elegant dresses. Quite a contrast from the wild west of course. The story follows Denise, a shop girl with bright ideas. You will see plenty of ladies in bustles in this show, and quite a few well dressed men.

Here is more in depth at BBC, but watch for spoilers: