Just Can’t Get Enough of the Teens

Foundations were very important during this period. While women had less bulk in their clothing, an frills became small and lingerie like on outerwear, the corset shape went through it’s last big hurray. Indeed when we came to the 1920s, the corset migrated to what were know as girdles and true bras showing up in the 1930s.

To help you celebrate your viewing loss of Downton Abbey and Mr. Selfridge for another season, you may whip up some costumes and watch the DVD or stream repeats at your leisure with friends.

Check out these patterns we now carry:



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Miss Fisher is an Un-Flappable Detective

I have been watching the series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflicks here in America. I had heard of the series and wondered who would pick it up here. It’s a fabulous Australian Broadcasting Company production with fantastic historic sites, cars, and of course the costume and accessories. Yes, a golden gun is a practical accessory in my book.

Phyne is the epitome of the the 1920s female, drives motorcars very fast, great at climbing in windows after suspects, and tangos divinely. Her wardrobe is dishy and so are some of the gents she entangles herself with. Great Australian actors and a few English ones show up too. If you are missing Poirot, try this out. But you won’t have to miss our little Belgian for long, there is another movie in the series due soon.


© 2014 ABC

For the details of Hercule Poirot, the last series is due this late summer. For deatils, go to the official Agatha Christie site. Some of the title may only be available on Acorn TV, so if you are a subscriber through Hulu or Apple TV you should be able to pick them up. Otherwise you may have to wait a year to 6 months for a Netflicks.



Just in Time for the Swimming Season

Ladies will find two bathing costume patterns from the Mantua-Maker, on of the 1870s Grecian style and one easy all over swimming costume of the 1880′s.

The Grecian, “This bathing suit is based on one in the August 1870 issue of Peterson’s Magazine: “Fig. X. – Bathing-Costume of White Flannel. – Trousers fastened at the knee by a cross strip braided with a Grecian pattern in black wool.”


The Simple Swimming Dress is from the years 1880-1895, and can be used as a swimming costume or a modern jumper with some whimsical fabrics.


Shop at Selfridges in 1914

selfridge3 Don’t we all wish we could step back and shop in this era, like many others. You may not be able to but you can shop the patterns of the era, and create your own.

This season breaks out with WWI in London. Mr. Selfridge is forced to hire women to replace the boys going off to war, and we all rejoice as this era brings some more practical ideas to women’s wear. Don’t get me wrong, I love the flounces myself, but sometimes you just need to have a bit more practicality.

This year has a great feature with actors talking about the change in dress and colors, textures and cut.Watch the feature here at PBS. Fashion and Style discussed by the actors.


Try these patterns to help create the look:

Armistice Blouse

Metropolitan Suit

Men’s Jackets

Late Teens and Early Twenties Hats


New Patterns

We have had some spring arrivals.

Just in time for spring, although one may argue that they are a bit heavy in features and layers. Wait, they are Victorian. Never fear, ladies may have many layers of underpinnings and outer dress layers, but if you make it out of a fine searsucker or toille/muslin print, you wil have a frothy creation. Or, start working on a Fall ensemble now as for some of us, it takes a few months to get our creations perfected.

Now carrying from Harlots and Angels, a Victorian Bustle Petticoat pattern. This one is divine in that it has 4 layers of frills to show off as an outer garment, or use for traditional propping and distribution of the over skirt for the Victorian skirt pattern of your choice. Note: undergarments, including corsets, should be finished before outer garments for the look and feel to be truly flattering.

Truly Victorian has two new patterns, the 1887 Imperial Skirt and Alexandra Bodice. Both will look smashing in light spring fabrics like silk taffeta in a light shade, or in heavier classic Victorian weights like damask, moire, velvets and wool silks. There are 3 variations to suit many needs.