Fall and Winter Costumed Productions to Enjoy

Sherlock Homes Specialsherlock

Our favorite contemporary Sherlock drama mystery series is having some fun with period attire and attitudes in a new special. The contemporary series will not return until 2017.

the_last_kingdomThe Last Kingdom

If you are having Vikings withdrawal there’s a new series from BBC America premieres October 10. See the birth of England as the Saxons invade and unite parts of England, or try to. Great battle scenes are promised. Let’s see how they did on the costume and weapons.


Outlander Season 1 Vol. 2 DVD September 29thOutlander 2

Can’t tell you enough how much this series has piqued my costuming efforts this year. Never thought I would attempt wool costumes, but the main character Claire’s wardrobe has me designing. The show has something for everyone, romance, intrigue and did I say men in kilts? Great for fans of the book series, of which I am one, men’s costume of both 18th century British and Scottish traditional wear before the battle of Culloden and the end the Highland way of life. The second  half of the season comes out on DVD and Blue Ray September 29th. Sadly, Starz will not debut the new season will until Spring 2016, so that gives you time to make your favorite outfits for a premier party.

indian summersIndian Summers

This story is set in India where British rule continues to cling as the population simmers in protest. High society, politics, forbidden love, all the good things in a drama.


Downton Abbey Season 6downton-abbey-season-6-edit-mary-crawley

The final season of Downton Abbey is upon us in early 2016. Many of us will mourn the loss of a most favored series, however there is talk of a feature film by creator Julian Fellows. Plan your 1920s outfits and get togethers with friends to watch the final season together.




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