Serving the Costume Community for 10 Years and counting…

We are a costume supply company with an emphasis on the costuming basics. We have moved our site to better suit your needs. We are also now available on two shopping networks for those of you who have accounts there already, etsy.com and Amazon.com. Come shop with us.We are carrying the following pattern companies at this time:
  • Truly Victorian
  • Laughing Moon
  • Medieval Miscellanea
  • Folkwear
  • Reconstructing History
  • Historic Costume Patterns
  • Mill Farm Patterns
  • Rocking Horse Farm

We have three ways to serve you better. There is a new full feature shopping store, our supplies are also on Etsy now for those of you who like that shopping experience, and we have patterns and books on Amazon.com for those who like using the Amazon services.

When shopping at Etsy and Amazon, search for Lost Coast Historical and you should find us.


We also have costuming and corset supplies. Stay tuned as we are always finding something that can help that costume project. Keep us in mind for your corset, Steam Punk, Victorian, Renaissance, and stage and screen needs.

We try to keep shipping costs down. The postal service has recently increased their pricing along with other carriers. We try to  be reasonable about the costs of shipping, however some of the patterns and items like buckram can be heavy. Overseas shipping has also increased. It is usually better to contact us directly so we may help you with overseas purchases and shipments. We ship to the following countries: Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, Canada. Some European countries have been successful with shipping.

This site copyright by Lost Coast Historical Patterns © 2013

Costumé Vénitien (Venise - Italie) - Costume V...

Costumé Vénitien (Venise – Italie) – Costume Venetian (Venice – Italy) (Photo credit: Jean Yves JUGUET )


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